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What Abcas have been up to – from cliff stabilisation in Gibraltar to paint thickness testing

Installation of giant promotional "washing line"

  • Abseil technicians accessing bridge prior to rigging of washing line
  • Descent from bridge using electric winch
  • Abseil technicians secure washing line cable
  • Abseiling into position to make adjustments to giant clothes.

As part of Newport’s festival celebrations Abcas rigged a giant promotional “washing line” of colourful nylon clothing attached to a steel cable.
The clothes were attached at ground level and then the whole assembly hauled into position by our experienced riggers.
An electric winch was used to assist the access and hauling operations.

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Smoke alarm upgrade and testing

  • Installation & testing of smoke detectors
  • Installation & testing of smoke detectors

New smoke detector heads were fitted as part of an upgrade to an existing fire alarm system within a food processing factory. The works were above a fragile floor area and our technicians were able to use aiding techniques to move along structural steelwork to carry out the works in a completely safe manner and without loss of factory production.

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Living wall installation

  • Installation of vertical garden support system - Manchester
  • Installation of vertical garden support system - Manchester

As part of an inner city mixed use redevelopment this new multi storey car park was to be faced with a “Living Garden”. Climbers were planted in borders along the base of the walls and encouraged to climb the stainless steel wire support system we were commissioned to install. Once established the plants would soften the impact of the structure to nearby residents.
Roped access was used as the site was restricted and the terrain uneven.
The project was completed ahead of programme.

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Vertical garden wire installation

  • Installation of vertical garden support system - London

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