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What Abcas have been up to – from cliff stabilisation in Gibraltar to paint thickness testing

Green Bridge Cliff Survey

As part of a feasibility study into the construction of a new viewing platform on top of a 100m high cliff on the Pembrokeshire Coast a geological survey of the cliff below was required.

Abcas were employed to provide a safe means of access & supervision for the duration of the site works.

The benefits of using rope access techniques for this work included:

  • Speed of set up and dismantling of the access system
  • Minimal environmental impact to a sensitive area of National Park
  • Flexible system allowing the engineer unlimited access to the survey area
  • All equipment removed from site at the end of a shift reducing disruption and risk to the public.

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Re-pointing brickwork on high-rise flats

Following an investigation into water ingress brickwork re-pointing was carried on this high rise block in Bristol

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Roadside rockfall protection

Following several rockfalls onto a narrow main road in West Wales Abcas were awarded the contract to initially scale the rock cutting and then install rockfall protection netting. Protective fencing and a traffic management system were required to ensure the safety of road users during our works as the road had to be kept open.
Works were completed within budget and on schedule.

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Paint thickness testing and remedials

Scaffolding had been removed from an area of high level pipework on this new energy centre site to allow access to others. Paint thickness testing and additional coating was required and roped access proved to be the most cost effective method.

Our technicians were able to access all areas required using a combination of techniques including aiding on the supporting structural steelwork.
The benefits of utilising rope access for this included the limited set up time and minimal disruption to other contractors working nearby.

The work was completed on schedule to the full satisfaction of the client.

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Quarry Face Scaling

Unstable rock on an old quarry face was threatening the workforce below. Abcas were employed to provide a team of experienced workers to inspect and remove dangerously loose rock from the face.

Hand tools were used to prise off loose rocks leaving a safe face for workers to continue operating below.

The team were able to access the slope using rope access techniques. The area below the rock face was cordoned off whilst the work was carried out.

Some rock fall netting & associated anchors were installed in other isolated areas of the quarry where scaling was not suitable.

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