Abcas were recently employed by Talkback Thames TV to assist the GRAND DESIGNS presenter Kevin McCloud to access the steel superstructure of the now redundant lifeboat station in Tenby, West Wales. The structure is currently undergoing an extensive conversion into a private home.

Abacs were employed to rig a suitable access system and then provide safety supervision of the film crew allowing Mr McCloud to safely access the underside of the deck and the supporting steelwork.

Client’s testimonial:

“From my producer point of view, you were a joy to deal with. As soon as I found you, you were very professional, clearly experienced and very patient with the initial to-ing and fro-ing…… You were accommodating and flexible when it came to arranging the recce. In your discussions with Ned (Director) about what could and couldn’t be achieved you managed his expectations well. You were impeccably organised and even went out of your way to make sure things ran smoothly….. I never had any doubts about the safety of Kevin or our crew.”

Cecelia Deane
Assistant Producer
TalkbackThames TV

Posted in    on 26 March 2011